Bloggers Evening at Alma De Cuba

Bloggers evening at Alma De Cuba

    So, I’ve been super excited about writing this post. I spent the most incredible bloggers evening at Alma De Cuba. Me and my sister Rachel (Times2Style) were invited for a bloggers evening at Alma De Cuba. As well as some other pretty amazing Liverpool bloggers. 
    We were greeted with prosecco by the lovely Samantha. Also, they had a huge instagram cut out. It was only standard to boomerang with it. Which was featured on the Alma De Cuba’s Instagram story too! You may have spotted this is you follow them on Instagram.

    Waiting for everyone to arrive was the prime time for me and rachel to snap some outfit shots of eachother. The perks of having a blogger sister! 

    When I sat down I was super impressed with the name tags that were made for us and assigned us to our seat. Somewhere between taking photos, meeting bloggers and posting on social media, I read the Ten Commandments of Alma De Cuba and their menu.

    Their menu choice was pretty damn appetising if I’m honest. I’d been in work all day, so I’d well and truly worked up an appetite. There was a lot of choice and I changed my choice about 5-10 times. You know, because I’m very indecisive to say the least.

    After eventually deciding. I went for the Sweet potato and chorizo croquettas. Which by the way tasted even better than they sound. I’m a huge fan of sweet potato and chorizo anyway but this was the most delicious starter and I was more than thrilled with my choice. Rachel had the same starter and she also loved it!

    Onto the mains…. 

    Rachel dared to go spicy with a curry and I took the safer option of hanging chicken! Which came just as the name, hanging. I really enjoyed both courses. The whole evening went perfectly to be honest. I’m pretty excited about my next meal at Alma De Cuba as my boyfriend now wants to have a date night there! 

    I’d like to thank Alma De Cuba and the event organisers for hosting such a lovely bloggers event. 

    Did you read my post on The Body Shop Liverpool event? 
    Amy x

    Review: Orelia London Jewellery (*)

    “Every piece of jewellery tells a story”

    So, if you used to read my other blog Lust For Beauty you’d know I was lucky enough to be gifted some stunning pieces from Orelia. I’m still using the gorgeous pieces that I was sent so I thought I’d edit and re-share my previous post.

    If you’ve never heard of Orelia it’s an online jewellery store as well as a high street stockist in stores such as Topshop and John Lewis.

    First impressions of Orelia

    The packaging that the pieces arrived in was very elegant. They were packed secure and also had patterned tissue paper which added a more professional look to the parcel. My first thoughts was that the brand and the jewellery was very elegant. I instantly thought the bangle and leaf cuff & stud set were beautifully designed and very delicate. 
    Circle Bangle 

    I found this gold plated bangle to be really sleek and stylish. It’s a prefect fit for my wrist and I find it looks good stacked with other styles of bracelets and bangles. I can see myself having a lot of fun styling this. It’s also really affordable at ┬ú18.00.  

    Leaf Cuff and Stud Set 

    The leaf cuff is actually my favourite out of the pieces, I find it to be so chic and feminine and I love how it sparkles. I’ve worn this a few times and I think it looks great! However every now and then the cuff can feel a little loose on the ear but I don’t find this to be a huge problem, it could be due to the fact I have such small ears. Seriously my ears are tiny guys! This set is also priced at ┬ú18.00 which I think for the quality is pretty amazing. I’ve actually got my eyes on their leaf hooped earrings! Seriously, they’re stunning.
    If you’ve never heard of Orelia, head over to their website and I’m sure you’ll fall in love just as I did.

    P.S – You can also  get 10% off at the minute by signing up with your email address.

    Thank you for reading,

    Amy Marie x

    All thoughts are always my own! Please check out my disclaimer in my about page.

    Event: The Body Shop Liverpool One 

    Sadly I couldn’t make the bloggers event at The Body Shop Liverpool One but I was thrilled to receive an email inviting me to attend their V.I.P event which included demonstrations as well as mini facials, makeovers and massages.

    Event: The Body Shop Liverpool One 

    The Body Shop Liverpool One 

    The Body Shop in Liverpool One is located on the top floor. It’s very open plan and they have a sleek sink in the middle of the store. Which makes life easier for an avid product tester like me.

    After some demonstrations using their cleansers, face masks and toners. We got to try them ourselves! I was one of the first in line for a mini facial.

    Products used in the mini facial which I’m now dying to get my hands on –

    Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser
    Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask
    Chinese Ginseng Rice Clarifying Milky Toner
    Seaweed Oil Control Lotion
    Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Night Mask

    I was genuinely impressed with the mini facial. Two of the products that I was particularly happy with was the Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Night Mask and the Chinese Ginseng Rice Clarifying Milky Toner.

    I love over night face masks and if you watch my Instagram stories you’d know that I use overnight masks a hell of a lot. The Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Night Mask is now on my to-buy list. Also – I’ve been on the hunt for a new cleanser to fall in love with and I think I’ve found the perfect candidate the Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser. These two really stood out to me but all of the products mentioned really complemented each other and my skin felt so hydrated afterwards.

    If you’re around Liverpool One anytime soon pop into The Body Shop Liverpool One because they currently have free mini makeovers available.

    The Body Shop Liverpool One 

    The Body Shop Liverpool One The Body Shop Liverpool One The Body Shop Liverpool One 

    I probably lingered around the body butters for way too long. Smelling the butters which I hadn’t tried and smelling my favourite ones over and over. I posted this on Instagram asking which body butter was your favourite and Shea was a popular choice. Mine has to be Mango. 

    What’s a blog event without some prosecco though?

    Drops of Youth Range The Body Shop Liverpool One 

    Drops of Youth Range

    I’ve actually already tried and tested the drops of youth liquid peel. At first I wasn’t fussed but it’s really grew on me. I use it twice a week and my face feels brand new after using it.

    I haven’t tried any others from this particular range so let me know if you’ve tried any of them. I’d love to know which products are your favourites!

    A big thank you to The Body Shop Liverpool One for inviting me down.
    If you have any events coming up in or around Liverpool and you’d like coverage please do get in touch!

    Amy Marie x

    The One With The Bloggers Night In

    What a week I’ve had. BBQ’s, blog events and ofcourse, work! I’m holding off on a “Thirsty Thursday” kind of evening tomorrow, it’s actually possible that I’ve had one too many cocktails this week. You probably deserve a treat though so grab a wine or a cup of tea whilst we have a catch up. If you caught my last post “10 Things That Inspire Me” you probably already know that I recently had a bloggers night in. I spend a Friday night at my sisters having the most perfect bloggers night in. Two of my sisters and my cousin run blogs. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Pretty amazing if you ask me. 

    We decided it was time that we all got together for an ultimate blogger themed night.

    Bloggers Night In

    Bloggers Night In

     As you might have guessed the night included wine, chocolate, selfies and tweeting. The most fun part of the night for me was sharing tips and all joining the same blog chat. It was fun but also a bit hectic – I can just about keep up with blog chats when I’m lying in bed. Imagine 4 bloggers all talking, eating, drinking and tweeting! 

    We’re going to be having more nights in like this and we’ll be using  “#BloggersNightIn” across social media so keep an eye out.

    We joined the #BDIB chat:


    Rachel (My sister) hosted the bloggers night in. She made us Nachos & Cheese and other picky bits of food! She even dotted around some props for photos. A bloggers must have.

    Cookie anyone? ­čŹ¬­čŹ¬­čŹ¬. Literally love how these had our blog names on them! I’m looking forward to our next bloggers night which Hannah will be hosting. I’m sure you’ll spot us on twitter all bombarding a blogger chat! 

    Let me know if you’ve ever had a bloggers night in or what you’d do if you did. We could use some inspiration for next time!

    Keeping this short & sweet as there’s nothing left to say really. It was the perfect bloggers night in with some of my favourite girls. ­čÖŐÔÖą´ŞĆ

    10 Things That Inspire Me

    10 Things That Inspire me

    It’s Monday and let’s be honest, it’s hard to feel inspired on a Monday. I always plan to have┬áa super productive weekend but I’m forever finding myself┬ámaking last-minute social plans. Talking about last-minute plans – on Friday me, two of my┬ásisters and my cousin set up a blogging night. Yes, we all blog! How amazing is that? It was pretty fun and I can’t wait for our next bloggers night. You might have noticed us tweeting #BloggersNightIn. One of our blogger activities was to pick a blog post for each other. Hannah got me from the hat and she wanted me to write about “10 Things That Inspire Me”.

    So, here we are. For┬ásome reason┬áI always feel the most inspired on a Sunday. I think it could be that I’m flooded with inspiration throughout the┬áweek but very short on time. Juggling work, life and the┬ágym is hard.┬áOn a Sunday, I actually have the whole day to myself. A whole day of being productive and working on my blog.┬á If you work full-time, you are probably the same. So, what inspires me? A lot of things in life are inspiring but I’m going to keep this post about┬áthings that inspire┬áme creatively.

     Things That Inspire Me

    1) Reading other blogs

    I’m forever reading my favourite blogs as well as blogs I’ve recently discovered. I find reading others blogs inspires me improve my writing skills. It inspires me to get more creative with my photography and my posts.

    2) Browsing Pinterest

    Surely, I’m not the only one to get lost on Pinterest for hours? It doesn’t sound productive but it works wonders for my inspiration. Not only for blogging but I find inspiration for my home, my hair, my fashion choices. You name it, Pinterest has it.

    3) Long Walks

    It sounds rather clique but sometimes I get inspiration when I’m walking to clear my head. It’s funny how a change of scenery can really get your creative juices flowing.

    4) Reading Older Posts

    Sometimes I find myself reading my older posts. It inspires me to keep on working at what I love. It great to see the progress on what I’m posting now compared to back then. Seeing even a small improvement makes me feel so proud of myself and my blog.

    5) Traveling

    I love blogging but sometimes getting away from work and blog life can be a blessing. I come back from a break feeling inspired again and full of ideas.

    6) Getting creative

    I enjoy drawing, painting, colouring – anything creative really. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood to just make something or create something pretty. It takes my mind off everything. There’s nothing like clearing your mind to feel re-inspired. Getting creative is key for me. I’m such a “messy” type of painter and that’s why it completely clears my mind. There’s no rules to drawing. I love that.

    7) Myself

    Pretty cheesy and I’m basically blowing my own trumpet here but I inspire myself. When I think about how far I’ve come or the opportunities I’ve had. It inspires me to blog on the commute to work. To stay up late and type until I’m falling asleep. Nothing will inspire you more than feeling proud of yourself and the work you’ve done.

    8) Blog Chats

    As much as blog chats are going to bankrupt me one day, they always leave me full of ideas. Speaking to passionate bloggers will rub off on you. If anything I find blog chats work wonders for inspiration. Is it just me that comes away from a blog chat filled with post ideas?

    9) Carrie Bradshaw

    I could re-watch Sex in The City for the rest of my life. Not just because I love it but because Carrie Bradshaw is my inspiration.

    10) My Family & Boyfriend

    One thing that will always keep me inspired no matter what I do is my family and my boyfriend. They’re always proud of me.


    Eeekkkk, I know this is supposed to be “10 things that inspire me” but I do have another one. YOU. Yes, you reading┬áright now. You inspire me. ┬á All of my readers inspire me to keep going. I actually hit 1000 Instagram followers today and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop smiling.

    Thank you for reading my ramblings once again. Keep an eye out because I’ll be posting very soon all about our “Bloggers Night In”.