Twenty Things :)

I wanted to share twenty things that have made me happy lately.

1) Long walks – Okay, I’m not going to lie the sole reason for the long walks this past week is all down to Pokémon GO. I do have to hatch my eggs after all. I’ve always been a lover of long walks anyway – the fresh air knocks me out of a night and I always have an absolutely amazing sleep afterwards.

2) Events – It makes me SO happy to see more events creeping up in Liverpool and why not? It’s full of talent. I recently went to a really nice event in Topshop Liverpool One hosted by Sera Ugler. I’ll be posting about this VERY soon – if you simply can’t wait I also vlogged about this on my YouTube Channel… SULDN Liverpool.

3) Bank Holiday – I’m seriously looking forward to an extra long weekend. I’m off until WEDNESDAY. I seriously can not wait. Roll on a couple of extra lie-ins. I need them.

4) Tea – Tea is my one true love, after John of course. (Incase he is reading).  I’ve never been a coffee lover – I make up for it in the amount of tea that I consume. Milky, two sugars; if you were wondering.

5) Photo Booths – I got my hands on all the pictures from the photo booth at the wedding which me and my boyfriend attended. They are now in my memory box. See what I wore to the event here.

6) New Offices – Work the past week has been seriously UP THE WALL. We were moving offices and it was seriously like “The show must go on”. It was still so busy. By Friday, we was finally settled in to our new temporary offices. That was until the electric kept cutting right off and the phone lines were going dead. On the plus side though, it’s right by Moose cafe in town and I LOVE Moose cafe.

7) Gilmore Girls – Okay, I know that every time I do a chatty post like this I tend to always talk about some kind of TV show. What can I say? My favourite thing is to chill and binge watch Netflix. My new obsession in Gilmore Girls. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

8) Food. Lots of Food – Again, food seems to be another thing which I always seem to chatter about. Who doesn’t love food though? As usual, this Friday resulted in pizza with John. Guess what? AMY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD.

9) Drawing – It’s has been ages since I have just sat down and doodled for hours on end. I never normally have the time. This week I made time and it felt really good.

10) Events – I have some really exciting events coming up and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

11) Saving – As of a couple of weeks ago, I put myself on a spending ban. I vowed that this would last 2 months. It never. Why do I do this to myself? Try again Amy – be stronger this time around.

12) Snapchat – I’m loving snap chat – leave your usernames below in the comments pretty please!

13) Blogger chats –  Let me tell you – it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and REALLY get involved in chats. Over the weekend, I did. I loved it. YAY to the blogger community – you are all AH-MAZ-ING.

14) Happy – Being happy in general, my work, my social life, my family life. Of course, my love life.

15) Catching a Slowbro – It was level 606 and it’s so cute. Thank you whoever used that lure module. I owe you one.

16) iPhone Camera – It’s a life saver for a blogger. When I’m on the go it perfect for snapping cute shoots.

17) Fake Bake Tan – I don’t fake tan often but when I do I’m pretty bad. I recently got my hands on Fake Bake and I wouldn’t go back. It is the easiest application that I’ve ever tried and it leaves no streaks. Well done and thank you Fake Bake!

18) Costa – Taking a trip to Costa before starting work makes my day seem a little less of an effort. I treat my self to Nutella on toast and a cup of tea at least once a week. YUM.

19) Feeling Lucky – I’m feeling lucky, if you see me entering the odd competition on twitter – I’m trying my luck hehe.

20) Blogging for me – I’m keeping it fun – light-hearted and hopefully interesting.



  1. Jemma September 9, 2016 / 11:12 pm

    You’ve made me want nutella on toast now, haha! xx

    • lifeofamyy September 9, 2016 / 11:13 pm

      Nutella on toast is my FAVOURITE breakfast 🙀🙀 xx

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