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OH EM GEE – Is it really the 6th of September already? I think that I must have blinked and missed the whole of bloody August (Along with the rest of this year). It’s like going to be hat, gloves and scarf weather before we know it! I simply cannot wait though. I’ve just realised that I didn’t even say hey – how rude am I? You are a bad blogger Amy. TUT, TUT. Anyway – today I’m talking about a whole afternoon which I spent at The Metquarter in Liverpool. I was absolutely pampered from start to finish and I just can’t wait to tell you all about it. You might of already watched a sneak peek of what I got up to over on my YouTube Channel. You’ve probably seen my endless tweets. I’ve been pretty hyped since that day to be quite honest.

It was around about this time last week that I was on my way to The Metquarter in Liverpool City Centre for what I did not realise was going to be the ULTIMATE girly day of my entire life. Like, I am talking Carrie Bradshaw style pampering. Not to mention I bumped into the amazing Jemma who you probably already know. She runs Dorkface blog and The Girl Gang and is just as lovely as I’d imagined.

The first stop was Urban Calm for a facial. They looked at my skins current condition by face mapping, it was dehydrated and sensitive in some areas such as my chin and cheeks. *Cries a little inside*. After pampering my skin using products by Dermalogica they used an Illumination LED face mask. My skin felt absolutely amazing when I left the day spa.

When I was at Sassoon, even Adam who was working magic on my hair said that my skin looked great. It was and still is absolutely glowing and hydrated. Urban Calm were even kind enough to give me some samples of the Dermalogia products used during the facial. So, tonight I have planned to give my skin another mini facial using them. The samples I was treated with was the special cleansing gel, the gentle cream exfoliant, total eye care (with SPF 15), skin smoothing cream, hydrablur primer and a daily resurfacer.

Benefits from the Illumination LED face mask:

  • Reduces active acne

  • Prevents breakouts

  • Smoother, firmer and plump skin

  • Accelerates cellular renewal

  • Speeds up wound healing process

  • Increases collegen and elastin production

  • Healthy and glowing skin


Straight after the facial, I went over to the Sassoon salon located on the first floor in the Metquarter. I was introduced to the very talented hair stylist Adam. He asked me what I wanted and I explained how much my hair lacks volume and thickness. He recommended we use a hair volume treatment and give my hair a bouncy textured blow. I got an inch or two cut off. I was shocked at how much I loved my hair afterwards. I walked out off the salon feeling pretty glam to be honest. The only thing was that my hair was all styled and glamorous and my skin was glowing but I needed a little something, something on my eyes. If you get what I mean. Like to complete my new look. Which worked out pretty perfect as my next stop was to Illamasqua for some eye and brow magic.

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It was time to get my brow game seriously strong with some brow cake by Illamasqua! The lovely holly talked me through the new collection by Illmasqua “Extinct” whilst she worked her magic on my eyes and brows.
One of the products wish she was really excited to show me was the Jubliance eyeshadow, which is the pink shimmer powdered eyeshadow. For me – it seemed to be a lovely rose gold shade and it was stunning just as she’d described. It was originally in a four shadow palette but as it was highly popular they have now brought it out as a single shadow. Have you tried it? It is now on my VERY long to-buy list. Don’t worry though – I’ve moved it towards the top of the list. Along with Brow cake which I have now ticked off the list. I ordered it online the next day. EEK.
I loved the “Express Eyes” that I got from Holly in Illamasqua, which would have only cost me £10. I can definitely see myself popping in when I’m next going somewhere very last-minute. You don’t even have to book in with Express bookings – you just walk in. How amazing is that please?

Before getting "Express Eyes and Brows"

Before getting “Express Eyes and Brows”


After getting “Express eyes”

I had the ultimate pamper day at The Metquarter – Thank you so for having me! A big thank you Urban Calm, Sassoon and Illamasqua. I will pop all of their social media accounts below just incase you wanted to check them out. Thank you for reading – I really wish that I could experience this day all over again. I wouldn’t change a thing either.

Urban Calm: Twitter / Instagram
Sassoon: Twitter / Instagram
Illamasqua: Twitter / Instagram / Make-up Artist Holly Instagram




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  1. Katya September 7, 2016 / 3:38 am

    That LED mask seems like a great investment! I really need to give it a try!

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