5 Things That I Love About Blogging

IT IS OCTOBER! Go on then, state the obvious again Amy.
Currently seriously excited for Halloween already. Who else is? I may or may not have already bought some decorations. Please don’t judge. Today, I’m feeling very happy with blogging – I’m posting some reasons why I simply LOVE blogging.

  • Getting Creative
    Most bloggers feel the same – that running your own blog is a creative outlet. Ever since school, I absolutely loved any classed that involved anything creative. Art, English, Textiles, Graphic Design were my favourites. I even decided to carry on Art and Fashion through to Sixth Form. Then once I left, I was itching to get my brain working and to get my creative juices flowing. That was when I started my own blog.
  • Meeting Other Bloggers
    Because let’s face it we rock! I’ve attending quite a few event now, at first I was pretty nervous. Like hella nervous. Now – I love it! Catching up with bloggers is lovely – I’ve met so many lovely and like-minded bloggers. I’m always up for meeting new bloggers too!
  • Freedom
    The fact that I can post ANYTHING that I want is a great feeling. Sometimes I kind of babble away but the fact that I have my own little place to write whatever I want is amazing. Sometimes I will write a major venting post and then delete it because I needed to get it out but I like to keep my blog a peaceful place.
  • Staying Busy
    Before blogging I got bored a lot. A bloggers work is never really done though is it? So – now ta da I’m never bored. I’m always too busy. If I’m not working, spending time with my boyfriend/family/friends – I’m blogging.
  • Organisation
    I outright admit that I wasn’t the most organised person before blogging. However, blogging has helped me to become so much more organised. Okay – this kind of sounds like a line that you’d see on a CV. You get what I mean though right? I’ve never made so many lists and done so much planning.


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  1. Lauretta Wright October 4, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    HI Amy – I tried to look for your ’10 things I’m excited about’ and came across this blog post – high five for this – it’s great. And I agree with pretty much all you say 🙂 I only wish there were more hours in the day to get more blogging done!

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