30 Beauty Blog Post Ideas


Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. Write about your must have beauty product (We all have that one product that we absolutely swear by!).

  2. Share your beauty blunders. (If you’ve made a major beauty mistake in the past, write about it so we don’t have to make it in the future!),

  3. Re-create a make-up look from a character in your favourite TV show or film – or your favourite celebrity!

  4. Show us your skin care routine.

  5. Create a list of your favourite beauty brands.

  6. If your subscribed to a beauty box, let us have a peek at what you got! (I love reading these kind of posts).

  7. Post about the latest beauty products you’ve bought. (Or even what products you got free in a magazine!),

  8. Compare similar products that you have!

  9. Share your signature make-up look. (We all have our favourite look that we rock all of time).

  10. Product Reviews.

  11. Let us peek at your entire makeup/skin care/nail collection.

  12. Talk about beauty trends.

  13. Recommend which makeup looks suit different hair colours/eye colours etc.

  14. Monthly/Weekly favourites.

  15. Share your favourite beauty quotes.

  16. Tutorials (Teach us something!).

  17.  Do a Nail of the Day post.

  18. Talk about products which are getting released soon.

  19. Tell us about your favourite perfumes.

  20. Share the latest bargain you’ve found.

  21. Share some tips about hair care or skin care.

  22. Demonstrate how to use a product. (Such as a hair wad or hair pieces).

  23. Monthly favourites or empties.

  24. Share any beauty stories you have.

  25. Create a tag (Such as a lipstick tag and tag some of your favourite bloggers).

  26. Show us great dupes that you’ve found.

  27. Do a DIY post, this could be a homemade lip balm or lip scrub. Get creative!

  28. Create a list of your favourite beauty blogs.

  29. Show us how you store your makeup or where you do your makeup!

  30. Last but not least, post about your latest haul. We all love a good haul.


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