Mermaid Halloween Look

Eeeeeek. Today, I had a little play around with my makeup. Being overly happy with the result – I HAD to share it with you. After all, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary? As a lover of mermaids, I decided to try out a mermaid inspired makeup look.

What you need –


False lashes

Fishnet tights (I never had these I used a old knitted thin jumper)

Purple/pink eyeshadow

Eyelash glue

First things first, you’ll need your base! I used a Rimmel lasting finish foundation, an Illamasqua concealer and A LOT of Shy Beam by Benefit.

Now for your mermaid patterned face, pick what ever shade of purple or pink eyeshadow that you like! Grab your fishnet tights to use as a template and sprinkle on your mermaid skin using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Put some shimmery pinks on your lids and wing out your eyes using a purple eyeshadow.
TAAAAADAAAAA you’re a mermaid!

Thank you for stopping by, I know this post was super short and sweet but wanted to share this look on here ASAP 🙈🙈.
Have a lovely Halloween what ever you do 💙.


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