10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Reasons to start a blog or blog

    1. It’s yours!
      You can blog about anything that takes your fancy. (Lifestyle, beauty, travel, gaming, books, sports, etc) – Basically anything that you’re interested in. Personally, I blog about a little bit of everything to keep things fresh and exciting.
    2. It Can Be Your Creative Outlet.
      If you’re anything like me, working a 9-5 job can be so far from creative and exciting. I find blogging helps me to focus my creative side.
    3. The Community Is So Welcoming
      When I first started, I didn’t realise there were SO many bloggers – the support newbie bloggers get is really amazing. If you have any questions/problems, a lot of bloggers are happy to help.
    4. Keeps You Busy
      I love being busy, since blogging i’ve never been “bored” because I always have something which I can do. It’s a challenging but rewarding hobby! Before I started blogging I hadn’t really found my “thing” – know I have.
    5. Blogger twitter chats
      This probably isn’t a reason to start blogging but if you do decide to start a blog, chats for bloggers on twitter are so fun to join in. They are SO helpful too.
    6. It can look great on your CV
      Depending on the role which you are applying for, blogging can showcase a lot of skills. If you’re applying for a creative or a writing role, mentioning that you blog can make your CV stand out from the rest.
    7. Just because It’s fun
      After all, I wouldn’t blog if I didn’t enjoy it.
    8. You can inspire/motivate people
    9. It’s a hobby that you can do in your PJ’s
      Seriously, how cool is that? This has to be my FAVOURITE reason.
    10. Blogger perks
      By no means is this the be all and end all of blogging but blogger events, gifts and opportunities are all great for doing something that you enjoy doing anyway.

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