The One With The Cheesy Movies  

I’m that “girly” girl who gets WAY too emotional over something stupid like my toast getting burnt. Not because I’m crazy but because I bottle all the important stuff up and decide it’s the right time to let it all out over something that hasn’t even hurt my feelings. Hormones, I blame the evil hormones.

Hallelujah to super cheesy films they save me every bloody time. 🙌🎥.

If you’re ever feeling like me OR you simply fancy curling up with a super cheesy lovey dovey movie with your partner or alone – I have put together the perfect list for you. Not just a list, a game! You don’t need to spend half your night searching and searching through Netflix. Pick a number. Right now – any number between 1 – 30. Why pick a number? Because the number you’ve picked is going to help with your romantic/cheesy film choice. I’ve listed films that I have watched OVER and OVER -each movie has a number! You see what I’m getting at here? Okay, you’ve got your number. 

Now scroll down to see which film you’ll be watching using the number you’ve chosen. Let me know in the comments what you got!

  1. The DUFF
  2. My Best Friends Girl
  3. Maid in Manhattan
  4. The Sweetest Thing
  5. Just My Luck
  6. Serendipity
  7. Dirty Dancing
  8. The Last Song
  9. She’s the Man
  10. 10 Things I Hate About You
  11. Leap Year
  12. Monte Carlo
  13. Easy A
  14. The Propasal
  15. It’s a Boy Girl Thing
  16. Dear John
  17. Twilight
  18. The Vow
  19. John Tucker Must Die
  20. The Ugly Truth
  21. How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days
  22. Magic Mike
  23. Clueless
  24. The Holiday
  25. P.S I Love You
  26. Bring It On
  27. Crossroads
  28. Look Who’s Talking
  29. 17 Again
  30. Age of Adeline

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  1. Rainbowimagine (@Rainbowimagine) July 4, 2017 / 9:27 am

    oooohh I just love your list of cheesy movies.
    They are the best, aren’t they?

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