The One With Short Term Plans

“I don’t want a perfect life, I want a happy life.”

Short Term Plans Blogger

We all dream of the perfect house, the perfect life but all we really want is to be happy. This is why I’ve set myself some short-term goals that is going to change my ways for the better. Realistic goals for the short-term will hopefully make my future more brighter/more clear.

  • Quit Smoking
    I hate being a smoker. I’m making it my number one priority to kick this habit right in the butt.
  • Set a saving plan and stick to it
    I used to be very saving savvy but I kind of lost my way over the past year. Online shopping ruins lives. Seriously. My plan is to start saving a little each week and gradually putting more into my savings each week. Hopefully, I will be back on track before I know it!
  • Eat cleaner
    If you didn’t already know I’m a big fan of chocolate. Okay, a huge fan. I’m talking a mars bar for breakfast kind of chocolate fan. I’m not going to completely cut chocolate out of my diet but I’m going to make a huge effort to eat more clean. Not because I want to lose weight but I consume more sugar than what is healthy.
  • Go to the gym at least twice a week
    Again, not for a change in my body but for a change of lifestyle. I want to be able to run without losing my breath. Not even for intensive sessions, maybe one day of swimming and another of cardio. Sounds more achievable to me.
  • Blog once a week
    Again, sounds achievable even with hitting the gym twice a having a full-time job.
  • Do a sponsored run or walk
    I’m actually really surprised that I’ve never done anything life this before. I’m going to plan one very soon.

That’s pretty much it for now. Here’s to self belief and striving to be better. 👌✨


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