What is in My Summer Handbag?


Fancy finding out what’s in my summer handbag? First, I’d like to say how surprised and frankly over the moon I am at the amount of sun we’ve had this Summer. When it comes to British weather, Summer is hardly anything to get excited about. We normally get one or two days of sun but I feel like this year we’ve genuinely hit the jackpot.

There’s been rainy days here and there but I’ve found myself putting my tights away most of the time lately. I’m spending my lunch hours soaking up the sun. I always have my umbrella on stand by in the office though, you still never know in Britain. So, here’s to hoping there’s more glorious days to come.
Summer days spent at BBQ’s, beer gardens and the beach; they’re my favourite. I do find that carrying a huge bag around in the heat can be a massive pain though. I much prefer to carry a shoulder bag with my Summer essentials.

What do I carry in my Summer handbag you ask?

Summer handbag essentials

My must-haves for Summer –

Black Opium Floral Shock by Yves Saint Laurent

It’s a scent that screams summer. If you love the black opium try this – it’s very similar but has a more floral scent to it. Seriously obsessed with this right now. If you haven’t tried any perfume by YSL – I suggest you check them out. You might fall as deeply in love as I did.

Yves Saint Laurent floral shock

Ted Baker Treasure Trove Lip Balm

Tinted Lip Balm from the Treasure Tribe gift set by Ted Baker

I love using lip balms in the summer. They keep my lips soft and smooth in the heat. The fact that this lip balm is tinted makes me so happy. It’s surprisingly really pigmented for a lip balm and it’s basically my go-to nude for a sunny day. It currently has pride of place in every handbag that I use at the minute.

The Basics
During the summer I do like to have my hair down a lot and rock the “beach waves” look. Which can be really high maintenance. I always have at least one hair tie in my bag and a clamp. When my hairs getting in my face and I’m all hot and bothered – I tend to pull my hair back with a clamp. Not really caring about how it looks. How very “Kem” of me. Only Love Island watchers will know what I’m saying LOL. Oh, extra cool breeze. You are in my bag come rain, snow or sun.


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“I dream of a Summer that lasts forever.”



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