The One With Blogger Love

In case you didn’t already know it’s Friday!!! This means a weekend of nothing but Game of Thrones and junk food. Which I’m pretty excited about that to be honest with you. The past few weeks have been a little wild. I’m looking forward to the chilled, lazy weekend ahead.

Blogger Love

The One With The Blogger Love

I’m feeling full of love at the moment for the world of blogging. Bloggers are pretty damn inspiring. I literally have SO much respect for each and every blogger. I wanted to share some blogs which I read religiously and really look up to.

Personally, I believe we should all live by this motto –
“Supporting others success won’t ever dampen yours.”


Little shout out to the best bloggers in town  –

Lady Writes

Vix Meldrew

Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters


Dan Coole Daily

Swish My Swag

Little Miss Katy


The Lippie Lady 

Thou Shault Not Convet


If you haven’t checked these out, I beg you head over ASAP. You won’t be sorry! I’m always looking for more blogs to fall in love with so please do get in touch with your blogger loves.


Peace and love all xoxo

Inspiration Post: The Perfect Summer Bathroom

House + Love = Home.

I don’t know about you but personally I feel most relaxed in a long hot bath – with plenty of bubbles and a few candles. That’s the perfect kind of bathroom for me but aside from that I like a sleek, bright and fresh looking bathroom. Light walls, gleaming silver accessories and spotlights.

The perfect summer bathroom

I’ve put together some picks which I feel would make a bathroom become the perfect tranquil space. Let me know which ones you love in the comments below!

Pick one – Towel Radiator  Bisque Hot Hoop from Designer Radiators
Pick Two –  Mirror Poppy Back Lit Illuminated Mirror from Better Bathrooms
Pick Three –  Croft Collection Bath Bridge from John Lewis

The Perfect Summer Bathroom

I can just see myself now.. in the bath with a glass of wine and a great book using this fabulous bath bridge from John Lewis. I actually can’t believe that I’ve never had one of these before. I know £40 may seem pretty expensive but I could definitely justify it because I would make bloody good use of it.
I’ve got a thing for mirrors with lights built it. I’m not sure why, I suppose they have a kind of gleaming look about them which I love. This particular one from Better Bathrooms just screams at me.
I like to get really lovely and fluffy bathroom towels so I would like have them on show. This towel radiator is a perfect way to show off your towels. Not to mention the feel of a heated towel after an early morning shower is unbelievably good.

Well this is how I’d picture my perfect summer bathroom. I want to see yours and so does Designer Radiators.

Bright Summer Bathroom

As well as sharing some stunning bathroom ideas with you – I’m also entering a competition to win £250 to spend at Designer Radiators by posting a board over on Pinterest named #DRSSummerBathroom. If you’re feeling lucky head over to for full details on how you can enter.

What does your perfect bathroom look like?

As always it was a pleasure sharing this post with you – thanks for stopping by.

*This post was in association with Search Candy. All thoughts/writing is as always, my own*




The One With Short Term Plans

“I don’t want a perfect life, I want a happy life.”

Short Term Plans Blogger

We all dream of the perfect house, the perfect life but all we really want is to be happy. This is why I’ve set myself some short-term goals that is going to change my ways for the better. Realistic goals for the short-term will hopefully make my future more brighter/more clear.

  • Quit Smoking
    I hate being a smoker. I’m making it my number one priority to kick this habit right in the butt.
  • Set a saving plan and stick to it
    I used to be very saving savvy but I kind of lost my way over the past year. Online shopping ruins lives. Seriously. My plan is to start saving a little each week and gradually putting more into my savings each week. Hopefully, I will be back on track before I know it!
  • Eat cleaner
    If you didn’t already know I’m a big fan of chocolate. Okay, a huge fan. I’m talking a mars bar for breakfast kind of chocolate fan. I’m not going to completely cut chocolate out of my diet but I’m going to make a huge effort to eat more clean. Not because I want to lose weight but I consume more sugar than what is healthy.
  • Go to the gym at least twice a week
    Again, not for a change in my body but for a change of lifestyle. I want to be able to run without losing my breath. Not even for intensive sessions, maybe one day of swimming and another of cardio. Sounds more achievable to me.
  • Blog once a week
    Again, sounds achievable even with hitting the gym twice a having a full-time job.
  • Do a sponsored run or walk
    I’m actually really surprised that I’ve never done anything life this before. I’m going to plan one very soon.

That’s pretty much it for now. Here’s to self belief and striving to be better. 👌✨

The One With The Cheesy Movies  

I’m that “girly” girl who gets WAY too emotional over something stupid like my toast getting burnt. Not because I’m crazy but because I bottle all the important stuff up and decide it’s the right time to let it all out over something that hasn’t even hurt my feelings. Hormones, I blame the evil hormones. 

Hallelujah to super cheesy films they save me every bloody time. 🙌🎥.   

                  If you’re ever feeling like me OR you simply fancy curling up with a super cheesy lovey dovey movie with your parter or alone – I have put together the perfect list for you. Not just a list, a game! You don’t need to spend half your night searching and searching through Netflix. Pick a number. Right now – any number between 1 – 30. Why pick a number? Because the number you’ve picked is going to help with your romantic/cheesy film choice. I’ve listed films that I have watched OVER and OVER -each movie has a number! You see what I’m getting at here? Okay, you’ve got your number. 

Now scroll down to see which film you’ll be watching using the number you’ve chosen. Let me know in the comments what you got!

  1. The DUFF 
  2. My Best Friends Girl
  3. Maid in Manhattan
  4. The Sweetest Thing
  5. Just My Luck
  6. Serendipity 
  7. Dirty Dancing
  8. The Last Song
  9. She’s the Man
  10. 10 Things I Hate About You
  11. Leap Year
  12. Monte Carlo
  13. Easy A
  14. The Propasal
  15. It’s a Boy Girl Thing
  16. Dear John
  17. Twilight
  18. The Vow
  19. John Tucker Must Die
  20. The Ugly Truth
  21. How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days
  22. Magic Mike
  23. Clueless
  24. The Holiday
  25. P.S I Love You
  26. Bring It On
  27. Crossroads
  28. Look Who’s Talking
  29. 17 Again
  30. Age of Adeline

Lifestyle: Easter Weekend @ The Lake District 

As promised I’m posting about mine and Johns Easter trip to the Lake District. This weekend was full of rural walks and second to none views. All walks followed with fabulous food. A BBQ one night in the family’s “BBQ shack” and a tapas the next night.

Lake District

The BBQ shack

Lake District Walks

A short picnic break

Life of Amy

Victory Selfie


A hike wouldn’t be a hike without a victory selfie, would it? To be truthful, this time around we didn’t climb any mountains – high hill kind of walks. Still very tiring I’d say. It’s true when they say that “fresh air” makes you tired. Living in the city makes you appreciate the fresh countryside air. I’m currently debating a nap. 
Views on views 😍

Brick wall

“John take a picture with the Harry Potter railway bridge in the background”

It isn’t the actual railway bridge in Harry Potter. Of course, I thought it was. The rain actually stopped for minute just in time for this snap!

Thought I’d keep this post short & sweet – as my weekend in the lakes is not over just yet! Follow my instagram for more updates

🐣 Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday! Comment and let me know what you’ve been up to this. 🐣