10 Things That Inspire Me

10 Things That Inspire me

It’s Monday and let’s be honest, it’s hard to feel inspired on a Monday. I always plan to have a super productive weekend but I’m forever finding myself making last-minute social plans. Talking about last-minute plans – on Friday me, two of my sisters and my cousin set up a blogging night. Yes, we all blog! How amazing is that? It was pretty fun and I can’t wait for our next bloggers night. You might have noticed us tweeting #BloggersNightIn. One of our blogger activities was to pick a blog post for each other. Hannah got me from the hat and she wanted me to write about “10 Things That Inspire Me”.

So, here we are. For some reason I always feel the most inspired on a Sunday. I think it could be that I’m flooded with inspiration throughout the week but very short on time. Juggling work, life and the gym is hard. On a Sunday, I actually have the whole day to myself. A whole day of being productive and working on my blog.  If you work full-time, you are probably the same. So, what inspires me? A lot of things in life are inspiring but I’m going to keep this post about things that inspire me creatively.

 Things That Inspire Me

1) Reading other blogs

I’m forever reading my favourite blogs as well as blogs I’ve recently discovered. I find reading others blogs inspires me improve my writing skills. It inspires me to get more creative with my photography and my posts.

2) Browsing Pinterest

Surely, I’m not the only one to get lost on Pinterest for hours? It doesn’t sound productive but it works wonders for my inspiration. Not only for blogging but I find inspiration for my home, my hair, my fashion choices. You name it, Pinterest has it.

3) Long Walks

It sounds rather clique but sometimes I get inspiration when I’m walking to clear my head. It’s funny how a change of scenery can really get your creative juices flowing.

4) Reading Older Posts

Sometimes I find myself reading my older posts. It inspires me to keep on working at what I love. It great to see the progress on what I’m posting now compared to back then. Seeing even a small improvement makes me feel so proud of myself and my blog.

5) Traveling

I love blogging but sometimes getting away from work and blog life can be a blessing. I come back from a break feeling inspired again and full of ideas.

6) Getting creative

I enjoy drawing, painting, colouring – anything creative really. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood to just make something or create something pretty. It takes my mind off everything. There’s nothing like clearing your mind to feel re-inspired. Getting creative is key for me. I’m such a “messy” type of painter and that’s why it completely clears my mind. There’s no rules to drawing. I love that.

7) Myself

Pretty cheesy and I’m basically blowing my own trumpet here but I inspire myself. When I think about how far I’ve come or the opportunities I’ve had. It inspires me to blog on the commute to work. To stay up late and type until I’m falling asleep. Nothing will inspire you more than feeling proud of yourself and the work you’ve done.

8) Blog Chats

As much as blog chats are going to bankrupt me one day, they always leave me full of ideas. Speaking to passionate bloggers will rub off on you. If anything I find blog chats work wonders for inspiration. Is it just me that comes away from a blog chat filled with post ideas?

9) Carrie Bradshaw

I could re-watch Sex in The City for the rest of my life. Not just because I love it but because Carrie Bradshaw is my inspiration.

10) My Family & Boyfriend

One thing that will always keep me inspired no matter what I do is my family and my boyfriend. They’re always proud of me.


Eeekkkk, I know this is supposed to be “10 things that inspire me” but I do have another one. YOU. Yes, you reading right now. You inspire me.   All of my readers inspire me to keep going. I actually hit 1000 Instagram followers today and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop smiling.

Thank you for reading my ramblings once again. Keep an eye out because I’ll be posting very soon all about our “Bloggers Night In”.

5 Ways To Boost Productivity / Guest Post by Chloe -Marble Beauty

5 Ways To Boost Productivity

Being productive can be difficult these days. Whether it is sitting down to write a blog post, tidying
your home or just getting some work done, there are always distractions. It is so easy to lose 20
minutes scrolling through Twitter and looking at funny gifs (just me?)
So today, I’ve put together my 5 tips for being productive for my post here on Amy’s blog. These
definitely work for me when I need to get myself together and achieve something.

Boost Productivity

Make A List.
Write things down. Honestly, writing yourself a to-do list will make a difference. Having a physical list
means you won’t forget anything that needs to be done, which is easy to do when you have a lot to
remember. Set yourself a realistic list for the day, and don’t finish until each thing is ticked off. If you
have a particularly hectic day, make sure to reward yourself when everything is crossed off.

Set Time Limits.
Pushed for time? Do things in twenty minute bursts. Set a timer on your phone for twenty minutes,
and focus only on one task for the entire time. It sounds easy, but it will make you realise how often
you reach to check your phone or let your mind wander. This tip is especially good for cleaning and
blogging! I always surprise myself at how much I can get done in twenty minutes. After the timer
rings, take a break for a while then start it again with a different task. This way, you’ll never get

It is so easy to start with the fun/easier jobs on your to-do list. But what about the urgent ones
you’ve been putting off all week? I used to be so guilty of this! Cramming things in last minute just
isn’t fun. Any bills, payments, urgent emails need to come first. Once the not-so- nice tasks are out of
the way, you can get started on the fun ones! If you are finding it difficult to know how to prioritise
your list, simply number it from one to ten. One means it would be a disaster if this wasn’t
completed today, 10 means it can wait if it needs to.

Picture yourself sitting down at the end of the day with a smile on your face, knowing you’ve been
super productive! This really helps me to get things done – I just visualise how it will feel when
everything is done. Whether that is scheduling a weeks’ worth of blog posts, writing up an essay or
cleaning out your car (I need to do the last one haha)

Reward Yourself.
Finally, make sure you have a little treat afterwards. Self-care is important if you have spent all day
being as productive as you can. This might be a bubble bath, glass of wine, watching your favourite
film, chocolate….you get the idea! If you’ve achieved something amazing or that you are proud of,
maybe you could treat yourself to that dress you’ve been lusting after, or a trip for a nice meal. A
little reward will remind you that being productive deserves a treat.

I hope you found these tips helpful. A huge thanks to Amy for featuring my guest blog post! If you’ce
like to read more of my content, from beauty to interiors and lifestyle, my blog is
http://marblebeauty.co.uk. I’d love you to stay and chat!
What are your favourite ways to be productive?

Views for Days at White Waters Hotel Wales

Throughout my life, I’ve been to Wales more times than I could count. I’ve always thought that it’s a place with it’s own unique charm. It’s friendly, it’s picturesque and it’s bloody hard to get a taxi but it’s actually refreshing to visit a place that hasn’t got all the home comforts that Liverpool has. It’s nice to get away from the city. Even though it’s only two hours or so from Liverpool it feels  completely different. Not to mention completely relaxing. Me and John had a week off work and we planned a last minute trip to stay at the White Waters Hotel Wales. I’ve never stayed in a hotel in Wales – I’ve only ever camped so I didn’t know what to expect. The views from the photo’s which we’d seen looked lovely but in person they were even better than we imagined.

White Waters Hotel WalesWhite Waters Hotel Wales

White Waters Hotel Wales

The view from the decking area of the hotel was incredible. It was overlooking a river and trees/hills as far as the eye could see. The river had a small water fall which you could hear. I’ve always loved the sound of a water fall. There’s nothing quite like being in the countryside with the sound of a waterfall. The hotel had a lot more to offer than just greenery though. When we checked in we were greeted by a parrot that could wolf whistle. They have a bar, a restaurant and a spa. Not to mention a lovely owner.

We only stayed one night but felt at home. My boyfriend – John, requested they put the Everton match on. I was sat near the fire with a wine reading an Elizabeth Taylor magazine. We even got to talking Dave who owns and built the hotel. He was a down-to-earth guy who was originally from Widnes. All of the staff were very welcoming and I’d stay again at White Waters Hotel Wales in a heart-beat.

Riverside in Llangollen

On the day, after getting unpacked we headed to the river side in Llangollen for some shopping and afternoon tea. We stopped at a café named Vintage Rose. Which was a lovely shabby chic style café – my favourite kind of café. We both ordered a cup of tea. The café had a lovely vintage style to it. They even had a retro bike outside.

Vintage Rose Cafe Wales

Vintage Rose Cafe, Wales

The retro vibes in the café really were lovely. After a day of walking, shopping and taking in the scenery we headed back to the hotel for some well-deserved food. We’d actually had a spot of lunch whilst out so we decided to get a starter and a few picky bits for tea. Which was a good call because after our starter we was pretty full. I ordered the pate and John ordered the soup of the day. He’s a huge fan of soup of the day. Both were nice. I tried his started, as usual. He shared but Joey doesn’t. A.K.A me.

White Waters Hotel Wales

Our stay was so relaxing and enjoyable, we’d both stay at the White Waters hotel again. One night was too short because we weren’t ready to leave. On the way back to Liverpool, we stopped at Wrexham for some shopping. We bought a new tent which we’ll probably make use of very soon. I love a good camping trip. I bought some new bedding and a duvet from Debenhams which I’m currently loving right now whilst writing this post.

Wales, I hope to see you soon! White Waters, thank you for a lovely stay. Vintage Rose, you make an incredible brew. What a lovely week I’ve had. Have you read my post on Chester Zoo this week?


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Day Out at Chester Zoo & PLAY! area

So, it’s the Summer holidays and I’m actually off for a week. It feels good to unwind. Catch up on Game Of Thrones and actually have free time for days out! My boyfriend passed his driving test recently so we thought it was about time we became adults and take 2 of my nephews for a day out at Chester Zoo.

Before I get cracking though, I’ve got a funny story for you. Not for me. For me, it was horrific. So, we’re on the motorway with nowhere to pull over. My youngest nephew suddenly gets car sick and vomits all over himself and the car. It was a good job mummy packed spare clothes and a hell of a lot of baby wipes. That’s not all though. When we got to the services – a wasp flew in the car! Normally, I’d run, scream and hide. Instead I grabbed my 4 year old nephew and waited outside of the car for my boyfriend to get rid of the wasp. I’m pretty proud with how I handled myself to be honest. Who knew I could adult?! Not me.

Day Out at Chester Zoo

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My Story Behind Becoming a Blogger 

Becoming a BloggerThe blogging world is ever growing. I love this and I truly believe that there’s room for more. Everyone should have their own little space to write down their thoughts. Whether it’s on a blog or in a journal. I thought it would be cute to share my story on becoming a blogger.

It was years ago. Back when white backgrounds and flat lays weren’t even a thing. Back before the world learnt how to contour. I must of been around 14 when I started out. It was something that my sister mentioned to me. I remember her saying to me “It will be cool”. She’d recently read a blog and she wanted to see what it was all about. She asked me if I wanted to start a blog together.

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