Two-course Meal at The Stanley Gate Ormskirk

Stanley Gate Ormskirk

Saturday afternoon me and my boyfriend went to the Stanley Gate Ormskirk. John worked over-time a lot this week and we both needed a little treat. We’d actually planned to  get our favourite dessert from the pub and a cup of tea. After smelling the food we decided to order a two-course meal. If you’ve never been – it does a great Sunday roast dinner with giant Yorkshire puddings.

Stanley Gate Ormskirk

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The Best Moments of Love Island 2017 So Far

Best Moments Love Island We can all agree that the nation is going crazy at the minute for Love Island. Even Jeremy Corbyn has been watching! We can also agree that so far, it’s been a rollercoaster of pure drama and emotion. Bloody fantastic. I really don’t want the series to end just yet. What will we do at 9pm all week once it’s over? It’s going to be grim and I’ll feel pretty “mugged” off to be honest. Don’t fear just yet because we’ve got until Monday 24th and I’m bringing you the best moments of Love Island so far.

Best Moments of Love Island 2017 –

Kem popping the question to Amber

Kem seems to be everyone’s favourite and I’m no exception to that. He always seems to be having the time of his life and making everyone laugh. It was definitely sweet to see that he’s a romantic at heart. What a lovely way to ask Amber to be his girlfriend. Was anyone else holding back tears? View Full Post

What is in My Summer Handbag?


Fancy finding out what’s in my summer handbag? First, I’d like to say how surprised and frankly over the moon I am at the amount of sun we’ve had this Summer. When it comes to British weather, Summer is hardly anything to get excited about. We normally get one or two days of sun but I feel like this year we’ve genuinely hit the jackpot.

There’s been rainy days here and there but I’ve found myself putting my tights away most of the time lately. I’m spending my lunch hours soaking up the sun. I always have my umbrella on stand by in the office though, you still never know in Britain. So, here’s to hoping there’s more glorious days to come.
Summer days spent at BBQ’s, beer gardens and the beach; they’re my favourite. I do find that carrying a huge bag around in the heat can be a massive pain though. I much prefer to carry a shoulder bag with my Summer essentials.

What do I carry in my Summer handbag you ask?

Summer handbag essentials

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A to Z of things I LOVE

I think A to Z’s are SO fun to read and I really wanted to write one myself. I call myself a Lifestyle blogger, don’t I? It’s about time I let you all get to know me a little bit better. What better way than an A – Z of things that I love. You never know, we might have more than what you thought in common!

If I start to bore you by the time I get to J, I’m sorry. I thought we’d really hit it off. LOL. I’m being a creep. I’ll just… get to it. I talk too much, SORRY. I’m doing this with a twist, it is stuff I love but not necessarily my favourite thing in the whole universe beginning with that letter. For example, if I put “Me Time” over “Mum” DOES NOT mean I love me time more than my mum.

A to Z

A to Z of things I love –

A —- After eights chocolate. BECAUSE YUM.
B —- Beaches (Not so much the sand but definitely, the sun, the cocktails and dips in the sea).
C —- Cuddles. They make me happy.
D —- Doing my make-up. I love getting myself all glam for a night out.
E —- Etsy. I love browsing through Etsy and finding cute handmade things.
F —- Freddo’s. I loved them more when they never cost me my kidney. They used to be like 10p.
G —- GOSSIP GIRL. Sorry for the capitals – I just really love it. I’m due a re-watch soon!
H —- Halloween. All of the sweets and costumes. EEK.
I  —- Instagram. I love the platform, the interaction could be better but it can keep me entertained for hours. 
J  —- Jam scones. (Without raisins please)
K —- K? I’m not going to lie this one took me a while…. Kittens though, AW.
L —- Lie ins. My bed is my BAE.

We’re halfway through. If I haven’t bored you just yet – keep reading!

M —- Mondays. Obviously kidding. Marley and Me. I love it, even though I sob my heart out.
N —- Nutella.
O —- Online shopping. It cures any sadness I feel.
Q —- Quiet. I love peace and quiet. Hard letter, roll with me.
R —- Rolling on a River. My favourite party song.
S —- Sundays because they are such a chill days.
T —- The Vampire Diaries. All time favourite.
U —- Unicorns.
V —- Vampires.
W —- Watching the rain, while I’m in bed.
X —-X-Ray vision looking at Tom Hardy. Something, I would love? Does that count?
Y —- Yankee Candles
Z —- Zzzzzzz. AKA, sleeping.





6 Things That Help to De-stress Your Mind and Soul

“Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit.”
So, you’ve had a bad day. We all have them. I could write a best-selling novel on the amount of bad days that I’ve had. Instead I let go of them and de-stress myself. Life isn’t perfect but it’s as happy as we make it. After a bad day, there’s a few things which help me feeling more content and back to my hyperactive self. I’ve listed my top 6 de-stressing activities in the hope that they might help you as well.

 De-stress your mind and soul

De-stress your mind

Mediate or breathe slowly –
This may sound patronizing but whenever I can feel myself getting stressed out or angry I breathe slowly. I count to ten. I sit in my favourite place and try not to over think what’s going on. This gives your mind time to find peace with whatever got you worked up in the first place. Usually, I’ll realize that I am getting annoyed over something really small and that there is worse things that could happen.

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