Stylish Ways To Heat Up Your Home

“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams”

Happy Friday! It’s me again and before my Easter bank holiday weekend starts, I’m posting a short inspiration post for your home. A stylish way that you can warm up your toes!

Yes, I know it’s spring and all that jazz. The weather is supposed to pick this time of year but let’s get realistic here – British weather is not all sunshine and shorts kind of weather, is it? That’s why today I’m sharing some home heating inspiration with you. Now, I could sit here and tell you how fabulous your home could look with stylish designer radiators or I could simply show you.

Radiators don’t have to be boring and can actually transform a room. Here’s proof:

Stylish Bathroom Radiators

Hang your towels in style with my favourite picks from the Designer Radiator Showroom. The bottom left radiator “Vogue Curve” is currently reduced to only £92.96! Oh and whilst you’re spicing up the heat in your home… did you know you can actually get a mirrored radiators? How sophisticated is that? These particular ones are perfect for your living room space…

Mirrored Radiators

Who knew radiators could be so sophisticated? These are certainly my favourite style of radiators. I guess it’s because I didn’t know you could get mirrored radiators and now all I can think about it getting my hands on one. The first one would personally be my first choice – “Vogue Vision” £352.52. It’s so simple yet, it has such a lovely sleek feel to it. Which one is your favourite? Let me know!

 Thanks for reading. I really enjoyed putting together this short home inspiration post and I’ll be sure to keep the inspiration coming your way!

Enjoy your Easter weekend – as always mine will be filled with TOO much chocolate and days filled with fun. I’m spending the weekend at the Lake District – Keep an eye out for the post!

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10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Reasons to start a blog or blog

    1. It’s yours!
      You can blog about anything that takes your fancy. (Lifestyle, beauty, travel, gaming, books, sports, etc) – Basically anything that you’re interested in. Personally, I blog about a little bit of everything to keep things fresh and exciting.
    2. It Can Be Your Creative Outlet.
      If you’re anything like me, working a 9-5 job can be so far from creative and exciting. I find blogging helps me to focus my creative side.
    3. The Community Is So Welcoming
      When I first started, I didn’t realise there were SO many bloggers – the support newbie bloggers get is really amazing. If you have any questions/problems, a lot of bloggers are happy to help.
    4. Keeps You Busy
      I love being busy, since blogging i’ve never been “bored” because I always have something which I can do. It’s a challenging but rewarding hobby! Before I started blogging I hadn’t really found my “thing” – know I have.
    5. Blogger twitter chats
      This probably isn’t a reason to start blogging but if you do decide to start a blog, chats for bloggers on twitter are so fun to join in. They are SO helpfull too.
    6. It can look great on your CV
      Depending on the role which you are applying for, blogging can showcase a lot of skills. If you’re applying for a creative or a writing role, mentioning that you blog can make your CV stand out from the rest.
    7. Just because It’s fun
      After all, I wouldn’t blog if I didn’t enjoy it.
    8. You can inspire/motivate people
    9. It’s a hobby that you can do in your PJ’s
      Seriously, how cool is that? This has to be my FAVOURITE reason.
    10. Blogger perks
      By no means is this the be all and end all of blogging but blogger events, gifts and opportunities are all great for doing something that you enjoy doing anyway.

VERY Christmas 

Prepare yourself to fall head over heels in love because I’m talking all about the #VeryDresses event

Christmas Dresses by Very


I wish you a Very Christmas,
I wish you a Very Christmas,
I wish you a Very Christmas,
And sparkling new shoes.
A LBD for you,
Whichever you choose,
Very for Christmas,
And wear glitter galore.
We all know them shoes are calling,
We all know that bag is calling,
We all know the dress calling,
And soon will be yours.
A present from you to you,
Because it’s going to slayyy
Just in time for Christmas,
Take a look at the clearance.

I wish you a Very Christmas,
I wish you a Very Christmas,
I wish you a Very Christmas,
And the whole autumn/winter collection.


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Voodou Christmas Event 

It’s nearly Friday!! If you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as me…… no. Scrap that. Not possible. Moving on swiftly. I have some breaking news – I’m going to London for my birthday 🎈🎈🎈

Prepare for my Twitter to be full of London, birthday and Christmas tweets. This year I’ve been really lucky and been invited to some fun Christmas blogger events. I love blog events anyway but there’s something about Christmas blog events that I simply love. It’s the excitement, the atmosphere and the decor.  Just WOW.

On Tuesday – I popped by Voodou Liverpool after work with my sister for their Christmas event. Which, was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening which would of otherwise been Netflix and bed. At the event me and other bloggers were treated to Presecco, Christmas style snacks. Not forgetting a hair style treat and Christmas themed make-up. I went for “Christmas Curls” and a “Snow Queen” dramatic eye look.

I simply loved the layout of the event – look at how fabulous the food table was. It was super Christmassy with mince pieces, brownies, crackers and more! At the back they had selfie lighting set up – it gave us the opportunity to all take snaps of our fabulous hair and make-up. Not that we need an excuse. Also, they had gift ideas laid out around the table which was a lovely touch – my Christmas list grows and grows.

These cakes are so cute, I’d love to say that they tasted great but trust me to forget to pick one up! I indulged in the brownies instead… Indugled/Demolised – whatever, same thing. I won chocolate coins as well! It was a great day for food people.

A little sister selfie – it’s actually great having a sister blogger. She’s like my sister, friend, blogger friend, go-to for advice and all the rest. She’s great. Check her blog out if you get a minute –

There was a choice of four hair styles, ribbon braids, jingle braids, glitter roots and Christmas curls…. I seriously wanted glitter roots but having work the next day really wasn’t convenient. I went for classic curls but regretted my decision after seeing Rachel and Steph rocking the ribbon braid style. Maybe, next time🎀.

Voodou actually had their own snapchat filter, like WHAT?! How cool is that? All of us were pretty hyped about that. I met some lovely new faces… which I now follow on Twitter!


At Christmas I believe you should never shy away from all of the glitter and sparkles when it comes to your make-up and hair. So, glitter your roots, wear sparkles and gems. You can be a Snow Queen.

If you’re needing a Christmas refresh, pop along to Voodou in Bold Street because a little birdy told me that new comers in November get 50% off. Also – if you book on the phone and mention my blog Life of Amy you’ll get a free Hippy Club dry shampoo with your booking. I’ve got the same dry shampoo in the goodie bag we received and it saved my life this morning. A big thank you to Voodou, Hippy Club and the MUA Elizabeth – I had a lovely day!

*As usual all thoughts are my own, please see my disclaimer in my about me page.*

Metquarter Christmas Press Day 🎅🎅🎅

November means… It’s all about Christmas!!! You won’t believe how much Christmas spirit I have each and every year – it’s probably enough to fly Santa’s sleigh alone. I just love every thing about the build up – a lot of people surprisingly don’t enjoy the build up and find it stressful. I couldn’t be more opposite than that. I love the rush, I love spending the whole day shopping and coming home with bags upon bags. You could probably imagine my happiness when I was asked to come along to The Metquarter Christmas press day event in Liverpool. The day started with champagne – and I pretty much never had an empty glass the entire time. Which was fine by me, I was a little merry to say the least. I still managed to take some pretty photos of the amazing products which the stores in the Metquarter wanted to focus on.
Metquarter Christmas Press Day

Before browsing around me and Rachel (My sister blogger) went straight to the gorgeous Canapés from Carluccio’s. I must admit, whenever I have food from canapés, I never know quite what I’m eating but the chicken skewers were lovely. Oh and I actually tried Macaron’s for the first EVER time. Well I loved them and now I totally understand the hype that these babies get. Not to mention how cute they are.

I actually never knew that Carluccio’s do gift boxes. I’ll have the prosecco and chocolate roses please. For Christmas, or if you’re feeling super eager my birthday at the end of November!

Food at Carluccios Liverpool

prosecco gift boxes

After a little bit of snacking and ALOT of champagne drinking, I got treated to a Mac make-up demo! I’m now dreaming about MAC hightlighter and lipsticks. Not to mention the perfect rose gold shimmer eyeshadow.


My sister also got a makeover… winged eyeliner. Her signature. She looked amazing. The MAC makeup artist at the event was so talented and lovely.  

As for the brands involved….. WOW. There was plenty of “OOOOH” And “Oh my god” from me and other bloggers. I fell in love with the most perfect pair of over the knee boots from Michael Kors. If only I could afford them. Small blogger probs. 😱

The winter pieces from Kurt Geiger showcasing were just as lovely… perfect black ankle boots and the cosiest hat and scarf pair. 

Christmas Shopping in Liverpool


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MAC Nutcracker Sweet Christmas Collection

 MAC’s Christmas collection is just too much to handle. I’m in love. The whole collection is now on my Christmas wish list. The packaging is just as dreamy as the products. I need them all. Now.

Christmas is all about statement jewellery……. check these babies out. Head down to The Metquarter and have peek at all of the beautiful Christmas gifts for yourself. Literally for yourself though – you deserve it 💁🏻💁🏻.

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