Mermaid Halloween Look

Eeeeeek. Today, I had a little play around with my makeup. Being overly happy with the result – I HAD to share it with you. After all, Halloween doesn’t have to be scary? As a lover of mermaids, I decided to try out a mermaid inspired makeup look.

What you need –


False lashes

Fishnet tights (I never had these I used a old knitted thin jumper)

Purple/pink eyeshadow

Eyelash glue

First things first, you’ll need you’re base! I used a Rimmel lasting finish foundation, an Illamasqua concealer and A LOT of Shy Beam by Benefit.

Now for your mermaid patterned face, pick what ever shade of purple or pink eyeshadow that you like! Grab your fishnet tights to use as a template and sprinkle on your mermaid skin using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Put some shimmery pinks on your lids and wing out your eyes using a purple eyeshadow.
TAAAAADAAAAA you’re a mermaid!

Thank you for stopping by, I know this post was super short and sweet but wanted to share this look on here ASAP ­čÖł­čÖł.
Have a lovely Halloween what ever you do ­čĺÖ.

What gets me into the mood for Halloween

Hello little pumpkins!!  I thought I’d share another Halloween themed post considering it is less than a week to go now. Where has this year gone please?

Personally, Halloween is something that I have loved since I was a child. Becoming an adult hasn’t ever really changed that. Some might say that Halloween is only for children but I completely disagree. I love throwing or attending Halloween parties. They are so fun! Last night I ordered my Halloween costume and I’m eagerly awaiting the post man now. It actually inspired me to write a post about the things that get me so excited for Halloween.

1.Free sweets – Not that I go out trick or treating at my age but my niece and nephews do and it’s my right as an Auntie to “share” some of their sweets.. That is my motto anyway.
2.Watching Hocus Pocus – This is my all-time favourite Halloween film, I literally re-watch this film every year. It doesn’t get old for me – it’s my Halloween tradition to watch this.
3.Yankee Candles – I love the Halloween collection at Yankee Candle. My favourite of theirs for Halloween is “Witches Brew”. It gets me SO excited. It’s amazing how smells can remind of you certain things. The Yankee candle Halloween collection always gives me MAJOR autumn/Halloween vibes. I love that.
4.All the Decorations – There is so many cute yet spooky decorations you can get these days. It’s amazing. When I was a child – it was good old bin bags and artificial webbing. I just love buying new Halloween d├ęcor, it’s something I enjoy each year.
5.Carving pumpkins – I actually missed out on carving a pumpkin last year because the stores had sold out but I am going to get mine early this year! I’m not the best at carving but it is SO fun.
6.Themed Halloween Posts – The blogging community is so creative which means come Halloween, we get some seriously amazing posts. Whether it is decoration, fashion, food or costume ideas; we get some amazing inspiration. After all – bloggers are so creative so that is expected!
7. Parties – If I have a party to look forward to for Halloween, it definitely gets me into the spirit of things. I don’t like the thought of being at home in my PJ’s dishing out candy all night while trying to watch Netflix or something. Boring. I want to be where the action is so I can get my Halloween on and dress up!
8. The Makeup – I love how you can really experiment with makeup looks for Halloween. My new favourite is trying out spooky makeup looks that I’ve spotted on Instagram. I always end up going as a Vampire though. If I could be any mystical creature, I would be a Vampire. A good Vampire though – The Cullen kind.
9.Anything Vampire Related – I’m not going to lie here, I do have a soft spot for anything vampire related. As you may already know, I’m slightly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Halloween is just an excuse for me to pretend that I am one.
10.Lush – Last but not least, the Halloween collection at Lush. When the collection hits you know Halloween is only around the corner! I was actually invited to a Lush event this time around and I LOVED it. You can see what I got up to over on my blog.

Lush Halloween Bath bombs 2016

Thank you for reading.
P.S – Let me know if you have any Halloween traditions. Also – who is watching Hocus Pocus tonight for the Girl Gang move night?? I’m going to try and join in the fun

Happy NEARLY Halloween xo




missguided packaging

Finally…………it’s Friday. We can all have a deep sigh – we made it. Now we can chill out and get ready for the weekend. What are your plans for the weekend? For me, I’m mostly blogging. Saturday night, I have a night out planned for my friend’s birthday. I ordered the perfect dress and shoes from Missguided – which has me pretty excited. I have to mention how pretty their new packaging is.

I can hardly believe it is nearing the end of October. It’s going to be my Birthday before I know it. I’d like a bunch of flowers if you’re wondering and a Mercedes. Anyway, this week has been pretty so-so. Work, work, work. I’m sure you know the script. I’m really happy that I’ve managed to squeeze a lot of blogging in this week. The boyfriend has been working a lot this week too, so I’m excited that it’s Friday and I can spend some time with him. We’re now up to Season 6 of Friends! We watched “The One Where They Go To Vegas Part 2” this week. It’s mine and his favourite episode. RACHEL AND ROSS GET MARRIED. I’m sure you’ve seen it a million times like me but they are so re-watchable.

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Halloween 2016 Wish List

Halloween Wishlist

I don’t normally post wish lists but I’ve literally fell in love with so much Halloween gear this year that I wanted to share some of the things that I’m simply dying to get my hands on. From the obvious Halloween themed Yankee Candles to spooky face stickers from Pretty Little Thing! I remember when Halloween was literally a bin bag for a cape with star glued on. Nowadays – the options are never-ending. It’s amazing. I hope this post gives you a little bit of Halloween inspiration too! You never know, you might find something on my list that you love.

Bat Face Stickers – Pretty Little Thing┬á┬ú3.00
Witches Brew Candle Medium Jar –┬áYankee Candle┬á┬ú18.99
Glow in the dark “My Boo” Sleep Tee – ┬áASOS┬á┬ú18.00
Personalised Halloween Phone Case – Vistaprint┬á$5.99
Bunting – Hobbycraft┬á┬ú2.00

Have you noticed I love Halloween yet? Because, I really do. I actually posted a super easy cat make-up look a couple of┬ádays ago and I also┬áposted about things that get me into the Halloween spirit over on Emily Faye’s Little World blog. Just in case you fancy more Halloween reads. I’m loving how a lot of bloggers on Twitter are changing their names to a Halloween themed name. I wish that I could but seriously, AMY?? There isn’t much you can do with that. 3 boring letters. Zzzzzz.

Anyway, for my wish list – I’ve picked things which I buy every year like a themed Yankee Candle and also other bits which I’ve seen online and I really want. How cute is the ghost Tee by ASOS? It’s perfect if you plan to spend your Halloween in bed watching classic spooky films. (This post is like how many times can you say Halloween – my bad). The bat face stickers look really good – I would have fun playing about with them. I have shocked myself that this wish list does not include anything to do with vampires to be honest. Normally Halloween makes my obsession with vampires even worse. I think I’m calming down. Until The Vampire Diaries starts again, I suppose.

I love reading other bloggers wish lists so if you’ve posted one recently, leave your link below so I can pop over.┬áEven if it isn’t Halloween related. Also, let me know what your favourite is on my list.

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A – Z of things I LOVE

I call myself a Lifestyle blogger, don’t I? Well – it’s about time I let you all get to know me a little bit better. What better way than an A – Z of thing that I love. You never know, we might have more than what you thought in common! If I start to bore you by the time I get to J, I’m sorry. I thought we’d really hit it off. LOL. I’m being a creep. I’ll just… get to it. I talk too much, SORRY. I’m doing this with a twist, it is stuff I love but not necessarily my favourite thing in the whole universe beginning with that letter. For example, if I put “Me Time” over “Mum” DOES NOT mean I love me time more than my mum. Hey ho, here I go.

Favourite Things

A —- After eights chocolate. BECAUSE YUM.
B —- Beaches (Not so much the sun but definitely, the sun, the cocktails and dips in the sea).
C —- Cuddles. They make me happy.
D —- Doing my make-up. I love getting myself all glam for a night out.
E —- Etsy. I love browsing through Etsy and finding cute handmade things.
F —- Freddo’s. I loved them more when they never cost me my kidney. They used to be like 10p.
G —- GOSSIP GIRL. Sorry for the capitals – I just really love it. I’m due a re-watch soon!
H —- Halloween. All of the sweets and costumes. EEK.
I  —- Instagram. I love the platform, the interaction could be better but it can keep me entertained for hours.
J  —- Jam scones. (Without raisins please)
K —- K? I’m not going to lie this one took me a while…. Kittens though, AW.
L —- Lie ins. My bed is my BAE.
M —- Mondays. Obviously kidding. Marley and Me. I love it, even though I sob my heart out.
N —- Nutella.
O —- Online shopping. It cures any sadness I feel.
Q —- Quiet. I love peace and quiet. Hard letter, roll with me.
R —- Rolling on a River. My favourite party song.
S —- Sundays because they are such a chill days.
T —- The Vampire Diaries. All time favourite.
U —- Unicorns.
V —- Vampires.
W —- Watching the rain, while I’m in bed.
X —-X-Ray vision looking at Tom Hardy. Something, I would love? Does that count?
Y —- Yankee Candles
Z —- Zzzzzzz. AKA, sleeping.