Day Out at Chester Zoo & PLAY! area

So, it’s the Summer holidays and I’m actually off for a week. It feels good to unwind. Catch up on Game Of Thrones and actually have free time for days out! My boyfriend passed his driving test recently so we thought it was about time we became adults and take 2 of my nephews for a day out at Chester Zoo.

Before I get cracking though, I’ve got a funny story for you. Not for me. For me, it was horrific. So, we’re on the motorway with nowhere to pull over. My youngest nephew suddenly gets car sick and vomits all over himself and the car. It was a good job mummy packed spare clothes and a hell of a lot of baby wipes. That’s not all though. When we got to the services – a wasp flew in the car! Normally, I’d run, scream and hide. Instead I grabbed my 4 year old nephew and waited outside of the car for my boyfriend to get rid of the wasp. I’m pretty proud with how I handled myself to be honest. Who knew I could adult?! Not me.

Day Out at Chester Zoo

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